Hi all,

As you may know, Sed Non Satiata's members are spread all across the world with some members in North-America, others in South-East Asia and Europe. Also most of us have side projects that are pretty active. As a consequence it has become very difficult for us to work on new material and plan anything with the band. We have received many offers for shows from many countries in the last year that we have unfortunately been forced to decline. This has brought a lot of frustration on both sides. We have therefore decided to take a hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. We'll decline every offer until our personal lives allow us to play together again. We'll keep you informed as soon as the situation changes. Thank you all for your support. Take care.

Sed Non Satiata


Salut à tous,

Comme vous le savez peut-être, les membres de Sed Non Satiata sont éparpillés un peu partout dans le monde, certains membres vivant en Amérique du Nord, d'autres en Asie du Sud-Est et d'autres en Europe. La plupart d'entre-nous avons également d'autres projets musicaux et artistiques assez actifs en ce moment. Il est donc devenu très difficile pour nous de travailler sur de nouveaux morceaux et de prévoir quoique ce soit avec le groupe. Nous avons reçu beaucoup de propositions de concerts de nombreux pays cette dernière année que nous avons été forcées de décliner. Cela a causé pas mal de frustration de part et d'autres. En conséquence, nous avons décidé de faire une pause pour une durée indéterminée. Nous refuserons toute proposition tant que nos vies personnelles ne nous permettront pas de nous voir et de jouer ensemble de manière plus régulière. Nous vous tiendrons informés de l'évolution de la situation. Merci à tous pour votre soutien inconditionnel et votre intérêt pour le groupe.

Sed Non Satiata.


sns-csIt is with great excitement for us to announce that Sed Non Satiata and Carrion Spring are doing a split record together!Protagonist Music, Echo Canyon Records, and ADAGIO830 will be releasing the album, and it is expected for this summer. More info to come, and expect some sneak peaks soon! Take care, SNS.


After this amazing show in Moscow, we really want to thank every single person who came and shared his energy, kindness and warmness, before during and after the show. We especially send all our gratitude to Dima who did a fantastic job and made our stay in Russia perfect ! Now, a quiet moment is starting for us. We won't play shows for a while 'cause Charles has to go back to Canada, but we have some new songs and projects on our mind, we'll give you some more news as soon as possible! Take care guys, SNS.


We're just back from Catalunya, Spain were we had some fantastic time with our beloved friends from there and the great Santi Garcia who did a fantastic job... can't wait to have the songs finished and share that with you guys. We also wanna thank another time all the people who help us in the SNS adventure and support us.

San Feliu


We'll play a single show in Moscow on January 25th, hope you'll be there to share this moment with us! take care
(Artwork by Julien Paget:



We are stoked to announce you that Mappo LPs are here and finally available. They look absolutely GREAT. All vinyls are smoked transparent red put in splendid gatefold jackets designed by Pierre Escafit.

You can get it now on



Hi people, we are proud and excited to announce that our next album MAPPO will be out in July '13.
Here are Extrospection the first song opening this album and San Andrea, that people who saw us live last summer in the US might remember. The rest will come soon! Otherwise, a repress LP containing "Le ciel de notre enfance" more the songs from our split with Daïtro is close to be done as well by Echocanyonrecords.

Two others releases should see the light of the day as well: a smart "Mappō" tape version released by Désordre ordonné and a "ciel de notre enfance" tape via Quiet Still Dead Records (Malaysia)

Take care, SNS


Just short news to inform you that "Mappō" will be mastered early April at  West West Side Music  by Alan Douches.
The album should be out soon after... Take care, SNS


Now we have a Bigcartel page. Please contact us before ordering online to be sure that the products are available.


We are proud to announce our new LP "Mappō". It will be  released by Echocanyon records, Adagio830 and Protagonist music early 2013.
More news soon...


Hi everyone,

A small updtate to let you know that we'll take part in a Tribute to Orchid. The US label Dog Knights Productions will release that stuff around December '12. We listened to this band so much and it's part of our story with sed non satiata... we had to join this project.

"Epilogue of a car crash... a tribute to Orchid" 12" LP. Featuring Sed Non Satiata, Raein, Full of Hell, Todos Caerán, Lord Snow, Mahria Carrion Spring and so many others...

Vinyl colours/pre-order date will be revealed in a few weeks...


Hi guys!

Many thanks to those who have already sent us ideas for the artwork... We've decided to give it another week before for you to submit one or several artworks before we stop taking them in...

By the end of October we'll pick our favorites and get in touch with them to finalize the project

Take care, keep in touch


Hi Artists!

For the release of our new record we decided to bring in artists to contribute to the artwork. To give you a hint, this new record is called: Mappō
If interested, don't hesitate to contact us by email for more details >

Take care,


After a month spent in the US, we're back in France, our hearts full and our minds filled with incredible memories. This tour was simply amazing, and we'd like to thank all the people that made it possible, our thoughts go especially to Jason, Brendan & Bill from Protagonist records, and of course all the BIG KIDS, it was such a chance to meet them... We'd also like to thank those people who helped a lot by hosting us in their house, to sleep or play:

Andy & Anahi in Milwaukee / Jeremy from the Gnarfest in Chicago / Adam and Ty in Cleveland / John ahn in Pittsburgh / Lizzy, Amber & Chris in Lancaster / Eric, Julia, kelly, Jenna and Morgan for the best party ever in Stanhope / Rob and Justin in Boston / Ruben and Jeff in Philadelphia / Eric, Corentin & Pauline in Brooklyn / Melanie & Angie in Baltimore / Chris & Etan in Leesburgh / Jamie, Jon & Lacey in Louisville / Ricky, Lantz & Connor in St Louis / Cory in Portage and Matthews for our last show and night in Chicago. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Concerning the recording of our new full length at Electrical Audio, everything went well! We now need to finalize the voices and mix the 8 songs we recorded. The LP should come out beginning of 2013. We also received offers for shows and we are thankful for them, unfortunately we won't be able to honor any of them for now, matters of logistics. Maybe in a few months, we'll let you know.

A last word before coming back to real life... What is striking us the most with the story of this band, is to see how after 5 years of being out of the scene, people support us with the same energy, the same enthusiasm than before, and it is the most beautiful reward that we could get during this tour as well as everywhere else today.

Thank you all for your support, again and again...


Finally we got to Chicago a few days ago. After a brief visit of the neighborhoods, we started the rehearsals to be ready for this amazing US tour. It's really wonderful to be together once again and to discover a new country.

Ok, it's time to introduce our new bandmates… We have a third guitarist right now, Arnaud (one more Arnaud huh). He was playing some years ago in an hardcore band called Headway, then in a cold-new wave band called Chateau Transistor. Simon from Ancre, Plebeian Grandstand also joined us to play bass. It's really amazing to begin new projects like this tour or recording at the Electrical Audio studio with them.

BIg Kids are already on the road, we'll meet them the 3th in Milwaukee for the first show together. We'll update the tour plan as soon as possible on our website and probably on facebook when we'll have all the venues confirmed. Only one is still missing at this day.

Hope to see you soon somewhere!!


Hi everybody,

4 years and half after our last show in Tarbes, we are really excited and proud to announce you that we'll play a special show with our dear friends from Daïtro and Aghast on May 19th. It will be in Toulouse (France) @ la Dynamo and we want this event to be a huge party and reunion with all the people we love.Otherwise we carry on writing new material for a new album we'll record in Chicago this summer. We also plan to do a US TOUR in August with Big Kids from Oakland. More news soon...


Hello everybody,

The past years were a bit silent, we were all busy and above all really far from each others, which was the main difficulty for us for carry on writing songs and new material. Some news now! We decided some months ago to start writing new songs for an upcoming album, we don't really know how many time it will take but we definitly want to play together and do it, so stay tuned, we'll tell you more about this later. About live shows, it's still being difficult to organise it but we discreetly talk about some shows, maybe next year... Our last self titled album is also about to be repressed, Echocanyon records and adagio 830 will manage this, so another time thanks to them for their support and help.

Take care, and see you soon SNS